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Tröff™’s Canine Mission

Pure, clean water is the elixir that sustains life. We believe that proper hydration along with a wholesome diet and exercise creates a sound triangle of health. Taking care of our dogs with ease and precision is essential in our fast paced world.  You will now be able to provide your dog water in an eco-friendly, non-spill pouch 24/7.

The Tröff™ non-spill valve prevents back flow and the transmission of oral diseases compared to the community water bowl. Your best friend is always getting the pure, clean water you provided.

End Result: A Happy, Healthy Dog

Our website will provide you with the facts on hydration and dehydration. Our tools will calculate your dog’s basic daily water requirements, and provide direct links that will offer you the most current research on canine hydration.


We strongly believe that proper hydration needs to be every dog owner’s priority!