Our Team

A great company begins with strong, healthy bones that are fit for any situation.

At Tröff™, our big bones stem from our top of the line patent pending, non-spill

hydration pouch. We maintain the highest level of connectedness and futuristic

thinking when it comes to hydration and thermoregulation for dogs.


Elizabeth Hanson

Founder and President

Beth has always been surrounded by many dogs.  Growing up, her family strongly believed in a wholesome diet, plenty of exercise and pure, fresh water for a thriving, healthy dog.  She refers to this as the  “essential triangle of health”.

Beth has a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, with an emphasis in Food Science along with a Baccalaureate degree in Design with a minor in Art History.

From her deep love of dogs and her knowledge in Food Sciences, Tröff™ was born, and “Hydration for Your Best Friend” became her passion.  Pure, fresh, clean water for all living things is what sustains life.
As a result, Beth has become a passionate advocate for the importance of canine hydration and thermoregulation.

 Beth says, “…love your pets, keep them properly hydrated, stay informed and enjoy the adventure together…”


Todd Hanson


Todd is the president of The Hanson Group, representing manufacturers across the nation. 

His passion for developing the customer relationship is what he loves most about business and sales.  He has been in sales for over 22 years.

Todd loves to hunt, fish, and camp with family, dogs and friends.  He spends most of his time with his 3 daughters, 3 dogs, and loving wife and founder of Troff.


Steve Niegoda


Steve brings to the company 20 years of retail experience from Foot Locker and Gander Mountain.
Steve has extensive knowledge in trend forecasting and analysis.  He has worked in the coordination of EDI, Retail Link and Ediface.