What is Thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation is the dog’s ability to regulate body temperature.

 A dog’s normal body temperatures is about 101.50F. Smaller dogs may maintain slightly higher temperatures; larger dogs may maintain slightly lower temperatures.

A Dog Can Regulate Heat Three Ways:

Panting: A dog’s primary method of cooling is transferring heat through panting.  As a dog pants, water evaporates increasing the need for additional water to maintain hydration. (Schmidt-Nielson 1997).Gen Therm of Dogs

Dogs pant to regulate their heat. As their mouths open and their tongues hang out, a thermoregulatory response occurs that reduces the tongues surface temperature and cool them down. -The dogs tongue and thermoregulation

~Is that canine tongue amazing or what?!


Sweating: Dogs have sweat glands located in the pads of their feet and in their ear canals, which play a small role in thermoregulation. - Gen therm of dogs


Skin and Fur: Dogs normally shed twice a year, in spring and fall.  Shedding in the spring gets rid of hair that is not needed for the summer heat; shedding in the fall is in preparation for growing a thicker coat for winter. - Gen therm of dogs\ Temp of a healthy dog